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Recent Releases

  • Downtown Miami Florida at Dusk

    Here is another aerial view of downtown Miami with the American Airlines Arena in the foreground. The lights in this city are just beautiful!

  • Miami South Beach Aerial Panoramic

    This gourgeous sunset panoramic over Miami was created from 12 pictures which were blended together. In the distance is downtown Miami. In the center is Port Miami. To the left is home to many rich and famous, Fisher Island. Finally to the right is the South Pointe area of South Beach (Miami Beach).

  • Koala Bear in Tree Looking

    I made a brief stop in Yanchep National Park just north of Perth, Australia during a recent roadtrip. As I asked questions about visting another park, the ranger at the gate said that my entry fee here would cover me at the other park and I should come in and see the Koalas anyhow. Based on her recommendation, I did just that, and was happy to spot some of the 8 koalas that were in the trees. This one was the most alert and each time I took a step, it would look at me.

  • Brisbane Australia Skyline at Night

    This was my only night in Brisbane and I promised myself I sould absolutely get out and venture as soon as I could after work. So, on a Tuesday night, after finishing work I walked from the hotel over towards "the cliffs" to take a few shots. I wish I would have gotten out there earlier, but just couldn't.

  • Saint Pauls Cathedral in Melbourne - interior photograph.

    St. Paul’s Cathedral is the seat of the Anglican Primate of Australia and home church for Anglicans in Melbourne and Victoria. St Paul’s Cathedral has been an integral part of Christian Melbourne since the city’s foundation: it stands on the site where the first public Christian services in Melbourne were led by Dr Alexander Thomson in 1836. From 1836 to 1848 the site on which the Cathedral stands served as a corn market for the growing city. In 1848, it was granted to the Anglican Church to build the bluestone St Paul’s Parish Church. Consecrated in 1852, St Paul’s Church was used until 1885 when it was demolished to make way for the liturgical West-end of the present Cathedral. SOURCE: NOTE FORE PHOTOGRAPHERS: There is a fee for using your camera inside.

  • Reflections on Lake Gunn in New Zealand

    Anyone can buy a drone, fly it and be happy with the shots. But, I try to take it to the next level. Do things right and maybe good things happen. When I mean do things right, I mean applying for your concession from the Department of Conservation so you could fly your drone over public lands in New Zealand. Sure, you are limited to where you can fly, but when you see something like this, who cares!? This is Lake Gunn which is on the way to Milford Sound. This is a panoramic from three pictures stitched in Adobe Lightroom, then processed in Aurora HDR and final touches in Adobe Photoshop.

  • The Mallard

    The New Zealand mallard population is derived from 17 small importations of gamefarm mallards from England between 1870 and 1930, and two later imports of birds and eggs from a gamefarm in Connecticut, USA. Acclimatisation Societies subsequently bred and released over 30,000 mallards throughout New Zealand until 1974, by which time the mallard had become the most common waterfowl in the country. Extensive hybridisation with the native grey duck followed soon after their initial release and the mallard competitively excluded grey ducks from most wetlands, especially those in and near urban environments and in pastoral landscapes. As a consequence of both their gamefarm origin and hybridisation, the plumages of New Zealand’s mallards are highly variable, especially the females, and males in breeding plumage are duller and less striking than wild northern hemisphere mallards. SOURCE:

  • That Wanaka Tree Panoramic

    Everyone that comes to the Queenstown area who loves photography will likely make the trek to Wanaka and snap this photo. After all, the tree has it's own hashtag - #thatwanakatree!

  • Lake Hayes-Arrowtown, New Zealand

    Just about a 5-minute drive from my Airbnb outside of Queenstown is the peaceful and gorgeous Lake Hayes. It is on the way to Arrowtown, and makes for a great stop before heading into the town for a bite to eat or socializing over a glass of wine. There is plenty of parking here and if you want to go on a hike or ride your bike, this area gives you access to the Queenstown Trail and Lake Hayes Circuit.

  • The Angry Sky

    As I drove back from Glenorchy, I could not help but notice the sky becoming more and more active behind me. The wind was furious and the lake water began to kick up further. What's a photographer to do - pull over of course! I found a place to stop the car and walk down to the shoreline. I stood there and watched mother nature a bit before setting up the camera to capture the angry sky above.

  • Glenorchy-Queenstown Road

    I took this 9-photo panoramic on an extremely windy day just off the coastline of the Glenorchy-Queenstown road under a concession I applied and was approved for through the Department of Conservation in New Zealand. This is Lake Wakatipu and the road is likely one of the most beautiful roads to drive in the world.

  • The Golden Hour Begins in Queenstown

    I did not go far from my AirBNB to find my spot for the sunset. This is the Franktom Arm of Lake Wakatipu just outside of Queenstown, NZ. Sometimes I am asked how I find the places to go, so I will share a little tiny secret with you... my iPhone! I have an application which allows me to see where the sun will set and it allows me to overlay that on a map. I scroll around and move the map until I find something that looks like it may work. Once I find it, I check out the times for sunset, the golden hour and the blue hour. I get all my stuff ready and go!

  • The Cuban Musician

    Amauris Lastre Zamora is a street musician who I had the pleasure of meeting on the famous “El Malecón.” His eyes were striking. And after he and his band played music for my friends and I, I asked him to pose for this photo. Thank you Amauris! Esapñol Amauris Lastre Zamora es un músico callejero al que tuve el placer de conocer en el famoso Malecón. Sus ojos llamaban la atención. Y después de que él y su banda tocaron música para mis amigos y para mí, le pedí que posara para esta foto. ¡Gracias Amauris!

  • The weathered woman dn her dog

    I did not talk to this woman, but I wish I did. I want to hear from her. I want to learn from her. You can feel the little dog means the world to her and that nothing else matters in this little slice of time. Her legs are weathered just like the building, yet she is hoping things will be better.

  • Downtown Miami Aerial Panoramic

    Downtown Miami Aerial Photograph - large-scale prints available. Original photo dimensions 250" x 84" and photo is over 100 megapixels. Legally taken photograph by an FAA certified remote pilot.

  • Miami Panoramic in the Evening Aerial

    Shot by an FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Pilot. This is a legal commercial aerial photo shot from a Mavic 2 Pro drone with a Hasselblad 20 megapixel, 1" sensor camera over Miami, Florida during civil twilight.

  • Falcon 9 SpaceX Launch August 7, 2018

    Here is my shot of the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch from Cape Canaveral at 1:18 AM. It is a 228-second exposure shot at f/11, ISO 250 at 15+ miles away. Sorry, the iPhone didn't do this, it was on the Sony A7rii with the Sony 16-35mm lens. Shot this pointing a little too high, so missed the people on the ground... but who cares about them?!!?! LOL

  • Canyon Sunbeams

    Looking up through the slot canyons in Arizona is a must when visiting. Photography Special Use Permit No 1940 issued by The Navajo Nation.

  • View from the Cabin

    This cabin was built in the 1930s in the desert in Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas.

  • Elk Close-up

    While visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, I was able to make a few photos of this majestic animal up close and personal as it grazed on the grass nearby.

  • Autumn in May

    Yes - this was taken in the month of May! Autumn is a special time of year when many of us that live in North America enjoy the changing of the colors in September/October. Luckily, I was sent down to Canberra, Australia in May and was able to get out one day to walk through a park and take some photos. I wish I would have had more time to get out and get some more of these!

  • Moon over Seattle

    Thank goodness for smartphones! I was about to turn in for the night and simply head back to Bellevue. However, I went online and checked for "best photo spots in Seattle" and came up with Kerry Park. The scene here speaks for itself!

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